Read This If No One Reads Your Articles

Stop thinking on how but start thinking on why

Zidni Ilman
3 min readJun 17, 2022
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How many articles have you produced on Medium?

The next question is how many of them have huge views, thousands of claps, or engaged in comments?

If you click and try to read this article, I assume that you haven’t got any readers or viewers for every single article you have created here.

I know how it felt having no one read your articles. It sucks. You thought that this day, when you write your next article, is just another gloomy day.

The day that it actually feels useless to write, but you keep wanting to write.

An article you had published the night before, you probably wish it gained some decent views, claps, and comments when you wake up in the morning.

You have put so many hours on planning your next articles and take another more hours to execute them but there are no results at all. No clap and no comments passing by.

When you see the results are not as you may have expected, you become disappointed. You are now lost and have no desire to write anymore. You now hate writing more than anything.

It seems hopeless to publish another article, or even to write a single sentence. Your will to write and thrive to be known widely of your ideas have vanished, gone in a split second.

You desperately need a shortcut of tips and tricks to attract large viewers or readers. You are looking for other how-to guides and reading them without having any plans to write anytime soon.

You sit at your couch watching Netflix or sleep on your bed while scrolling on Youtube and watching some motivational videos, in the hope you can accumulate and regain your determination back to write again after facing a harsh truth of a writing reality, that is to see your first, second, third, or even the 20th article will likely have no views at all.

Now you are just full of excuses. Using your time to read more writing advice articles and watch more how to increase productivity videos to stay away from your true calling, true work.

Don’t be a coward. What a shame. Shame on you.

You wish everything is going smoothly like what top writers have achieved, but didn’t want to take their rough path.

Face the truth. Bear the burden. Accept the bitterness. Be consistent if it’s truly your passion. That’s all I have to say to you. That’s everything I have to say.

The world looks unfair because you are weak. That’s just how the world works.

Want to see an example that a writing reality is much more brutal than a cold-blooded killer (only a metaphor, in reality a killer is of course more brutal)?

You can check out Jeff Bezos medium account and you’ll see why. With only a single article he published that took around 9 minutes of your time to read, he made 257.000 claps and 28.000 followers.

Honestly, we are nobody and nobody don’t give a sh*t about our writings or ideas.

Before I finish, I want to tell you one last thing.

There is a reason for what you do. Find your why and you’ll keep doing and going no matter what. It’s better than knowing how to do something.

That’s why you stopped so fast. You find how to do something and if that something didn’t go well and didn’t bring you to your ideal outcome, you easily blame everything, including your effort.

Stop thinking on how but start thinking on why. And then you’ll start to move forward, although the outcomes aren’t like you predicted.

All because reality is often disappointing.



Zidni Ilman

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