I Help People Reach Their Financial Freedom

By selling profitable products on Amazon.

Zidni Ilman
2 min readJan 4, 2024
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A lot of you will ask the same question.

Who am I so brave to say that I help people to get their financial freedom?

What did I do exactly?

Well, I’m not a financial planner, a businessman, or an expert in economic trends. I didn’t have any strong and legitimate economic background. But how dare I say those words?

So, I’m going to introduce you to my job. I’m currently working as an Amazon product sourcer whose main task is to find profitable products outside of Amazon (we usually call it leads).

The work that we sourcers do is called product sourcing. What we do when we source the products is we want to research every potential product sold outside of Amazon and we’re going to compile a list of what we’ve found onto a sheet.

On the sheet, we already have this formula so that our clients can see every data we’ve put with a clear and concise understanding. So whenever they want to sell the leads we’ve searched before, they are going to have a solid understanding that this product would give them the profit they want.

Product sourcing might not look like expensive work or most of you would look down on it, but believe me, when you get down into the world of product sourcing, your view of getting rich easily and quickly will change 100%.

Most of the YouTube videos, articles, and newsletters saying why you need to follow their courses and classes by paying a big amount of money are mostly marketing efforts.

I tell you that most of them are not playing at a technical level. It just commands you to “Hey you can follow this and that and those”.

However, as a product sourcer, I will say to you that, I can even guarantee you get your financial freedom since I’m the one who deployed directly to find those fresh profitable, and on-demand products that give you financial success while you sleep.

Product sourcing is still underestimated, yet for some people, it is the way to ensure they generate passive income while they do other work. It is also my work to make sure you avoid selling the wrong products on Amazon and makes you lose a big chunk of money.



Zidni Ilman

Hello, I'm Zidni and I work as an Amazon product sourcer for a US private company.