How To Write More And Never Run Out Of Ideas Again — For Beginner Writers

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Beginner writers seem to struggle to produce enough content for their blogs every day. Although it’s hard for them to do it, there is surely a way for us to overcome any problems in our life, such as creating content for our next writing.

The problems that every writer faces are commonly typical — revolved around being stuck to write their idea into a blank of paper, and as a fellow writer, I felt this kind of situation. That condition is also the one that makes us immobilized to establish our craftsmanship.

Whereas many beginners look disinterested, knowing they can’t continue their work anymore, I who had created almost 20 articles in just 3 weeks as a new writer in medium, I am going to tell you how I went from nothing to generate numerous articles in a just couple of weeks, capable of doing such things effortlessly.

Here are the secrets I want to share with you all, to get you producing more content and story and never and no longer have to spend much of your time to think about your next content, especially for new writers.

Write everyday events in your life

Some people call it journaling, but to me, journaling only gives you a little impact in your writing, since you only write it for yourself and no readers whatsoever, rather than when you try to write for the blog posts.

I wrote about the events that happened in my daily activities as it will give me a much deeper understanding of life, people, and this big world we live in. You could post something such as an accident that happened while you left your home or when you were on your way to work. Or maybe about celebration and other joyful events that occurred in your life.

Pick one story to share which is going to take your interests so much and give it value to the readers, for example, the moral lessons or advice involved in the story.

Faking your presence

If you find this stupid, you can stop right now, and I will suggest you do so if you feel no urgency to continue the reading.

Why did I say “fake your presence”?

Faking so far has been working quite well for me. I always see myself as a famous writer who needs to write every day, like every actual famous writer out there. When I see myself in that way, I constantly think writing is a part of my life and career. I can’t live without writing and I can’t pay my rent, or any other expenses if I don’t write.

I may seem crazy, but in this faking style, my presence gives a good grip to maintain my daily writing activities and I am never afraid again of losing any ideas to share because I’m already an expert on it.

So “fake it until you make it”


Imagine what I would like to write in my next writing content, perform somewhat successfully rather than jotting down or outlining my ideas beforehand. It is because I could see the big picture in my head for the content I want to create comprehensively. You know, just like when you write something, you must have the purpose why you did it. The same analogy goes for imagining. I see the big picture and I can write seamlessly because I know what I should tell my readers every day.


I know that some of my secrets are complete nonsense to think of and to maybe apply on. But what I want to tell you is that you have to find what mostly matters when you start to write. You are a beginner writer and you are stuck at creating steady content for your blog, then you are the one who is responsible to make solutions to those problems. I just share secrets of what I find helps me the most when I get stuck as a new writer.



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