Beginner Writers Are Quitting On Medium

And things to consider so you could avoid one

Zidni Ilman
4 min readAug 27, 2021
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Is everyday competition getting rough, huh?

I bet you will say yes or maybe no.

None of the answers are wrong or right. It is just a matter of one’s perspective.

But if you have just started out writing on Medium or have been a long time on this platform to write and not getting any higher views then become famous, I can assure you that you will say the competition on Medium is getting harder to make you stand out than ever.

Oh, so you want to quit? That’s fine and go on. No one is going to stop you. It’s none of my business either.

Oh, so you want to stay and win? I guess I can’t tell you how to win, but I can tell how to stay and survive the storm (a little dramatic, but at least to me it is). Above all, isn’t someone who never quit is the real winner(like the motivational speaker and how-to-success books say so)?

Consider these 4 things I mention below:

Learn To Let Go And Keep On Believing

You know what?

If you just started and didn’t get the expected results, such as big views or sums of money, no worry, every hard work will pay. You guys need to let go and let the wonders do the rest.

Coca-Cola only made 25 sales in their first year AS A COMPANY. Remember as a company, not a single or individual person. It means that Coca-Cola had made a great loss on their financials. Now, of course, you can see Coca-Cola’s Brand on every advertisement billboard all over the world.

Crazy isn’t it, knowing how they can survive until now and become so famous.

No such thing as a failure if you do believe in your goals. Keep writing and be the writer you always want to be and keep on believing that, eventually, someday, you will be highly regarded and able to accumulate a lot of money from your writing. You can do it!

Try Different Approach

You can experiment with your writing or article in so many ways. You know, if the first one didn’t work, you could try the second, if the third, you could try the fourth, the fifth, and so on to continue and carry on until you finally find the “big hit” in your writing.

Write A, B, C, D, AB, AC, AD, ABC, ABCD. Just diversify what you are going to write, and you might succeed.

Try to be different on one occasion or completely different on every occasion, it’s your choice. The purpose is to achieve the goals right? If WHY is so strong, then HOW it doesn’t matter.

Set Clear Goals

A goal is like a compass. You become lost on your journey if you don’t have it. The same applies to being successful. Without goals, you are lost in any walk of your life. Knowing your goals are very important in deciding your move to success.

Set where your writing will take you next and go for it. Don’t bother if you fail in the middle of the process. The process is just there testing us, wondering if we could make it or not.

Know that you are the master of your fate. Make the process withdraw and give the win to you.

Systems And Habit To Write Everyday

Systems and habits are equally important to success. System what makes your writing flow effortlessly. The system is the foundation of your writing process. After you have the systems, you want to create a habit of writing every day. The habit will force you to make any progress, even if it’s only one percent.

Imagine if you do it every day, that one percent can be huge if accumulated. It means room for improvements has been made and you have become more good at writing.

Final Conclusion

Most writers, especially those who just begin their journey, tend to quit early rather than giving extra effort or any chance to move on and go forward. Imagine yourself when you finally get your success and live the dream you’ve always wanted for so long. Trust your instinct and have faith in it. Keep trying, keep experimenting on different approaches, create your goals and state them clearly, and build a positive habit and support system on your way to becoming prolific writers.



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