3 Types of Writing You Must Avoid Using AI

It needs a soul to write a meaningful piece

Zidni Ilman
4 min readJan 7, 2024
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Have you ever imagined how cruel it would be to know if AI writes a piece of writing you read? And it turns out that a piece of writing you read is a piece that connects you emotionally with life.

That’s what happens when people become too lazy to spend an hour or two just to sit and write a piece that is meaningful to them. We live in an age where you can just prompt AI to write every kind of story you want to be.

We are relying too much on technology. That’s good news, but there should be clear boundaries on what piece of writing uses the support of AI. For example, if you want to plan a trip, you can ask AI to assist and make it easy for you to organize your trip.

Another thing that would be acceptable for us to seek guidance from AI is to give advice for brainstorming ideas or summarizing the main topic of certain knowledge. Those are okay to do since the purpose is to increase the productivity of your personal life.

See why I bold and underline the word “personal”. It is because if it doesn’t involve other people and only for the sake of your interest then that would be fine.

However, if you write a piece that involves the attention of other people or a bigger audience, that is considered cheating. Plus if it’s a piece that should be written with authenticity that eventually will connect you with your readers.

Why so?

Well isn’t that obvious? You’re not the author of the work.

If you understand why you shouldn’t write everything you want using AI, now here are 3 types of writing you must avoid using the aid of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Article Blog

Sometimes I got sad when I saw writers have to resort to AI when it comes to writing their blog. Why would you want a machine to dictate what you write and what you want to tell to people?

What is so wrong with your writing? Will your writing kill people (unless it’s a death threat)?

Every sentence, word, and vocabulary you wrote is nothing but a collection of alphabets that are arranged into something readable.

Why so afraid? You only write a blog. Nothing going to happen.

Don’t be silly just because you’re insecure with yourself.

Make sure next time you write a piece of blog, you truly made it from your heart. You write it because you want to tell people, not to impress people. Not everyone will impressed or even understand your writing with fancy vocabulary.

Sometimes being honest and direct with your written piece is much more valuable than being good. In the rise of AI, trust and novelty are what you need to build.

2. Short Story

For short stories, usually, I found most writers used the assistance of AI because of their lack of vocabulary and lack of knowledge in structuring their thoughts into a well-written and easy-to-follow reading.

After most of the writers have known what AI is capable of producing, they resort to AI to do almost all their work. That’s where the problem shows up.

Writers no longer think it’s worth the time to write long hours just to be conquered by someone else who is probably a complete beginner who writes using the power of AI.

Nowadays it’s easy to write a short story. The user just sits and writes a few prompts, and then TADA, you got the whole story written and put together not by you.

You shouldn’t normalize that. Creating short stories takes time. You need to learn the foundation of a fine piece of short story. Honesty is far more valuable right now and let that pay dividends in the long run.

3. Poem

Of the other two styles I’ve mentioned above, writing a poem is the most different. It has a very different distinct style of writing. A piece of the poem is written with rhythmical words and has a metaphorical meaning.

Another thing that would differentiate a poem from other pieces of writing is how many words are written. The poem has a very small number of words in general. It also has a different structure implemented when writing a poem which mostly consists of one or two sentences.

You can say that the poem is an expression of the human experience of beauty, happiness, sadness, or anything that involves story context and emotion and it touches the heart of its readers to an emotional level.

See two words I have underlined and bolded above. It means that the poem exists in the first place to evoke the readers’ attention to be much deeper with their lives and existence.

To be free and expressive for whatever experience they had or seen recently. To create a more vivid imagery of what the meaning of life is.


Writing with AI has been normalized day by day. Although some work may need to require the help of AI, not everything we write needs to be fully written by AI.

Several pieces of writing require a deep emotional connection that will tell most of the readers if the writer is being honest and novel about the work they do.

If you believe that a piece of writing is meaningful and could have a meaningful impact on its readers, then it needs a soul to write one.



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