3 Surprising Hidden Benefits of Short-form Content

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Notice how many writers on medium already take action in building their blog full of short-form content. Not all of them, but almost everyone now prefers to fill their blog with a shorter, simple form of writing (including me).

This isn’t a coincidence. After reading so much content which medium itself selected for me with their algorithm, I can now rest in peace (I’m not dying yet) that what I did all this time is heading to what we call a trend.

I would say that short-form content has more surprising hidden benefits than long-form content actually offers.

Below are 3 benefits of implementing short-form content on your medium blog.

It Forces You to Simplify Things

Writers who choose to apply short-form content on their blog have to face the fact that they have to simplify their ideas, thoughts, or even their knowledge.

You must understand what things you need to convey to your audience. What pieces of information are important and might not be important, so it is worth tantalizing.

This kind of form also helps most writers to be clear and concise in their writing. Writers will express their argument straight to the point and leave all redundancies behind.

Saves Time

You clearly know that “time is money”, right?

Let’s say if you are a worker who works from 9 to 5 and before and after you work you don’t have time to write and do other stuff you want?

Imagine you want to start a blog. What are you going to do?

Yes, short-form content is the solution.

However, it doesn’t just act as a solution for busy people who want to write. Short-form content works as a two-way road.

What does it mean by a two-way road?

If you look closely and pay more attention, you realize that it also saves the reader time to read from a bizarre stream of information flooding on the internet.

When readers are served with simpler and shorter forms of content, it preserves their time to do other things which they couldn’t achieve when reading a long one.

More Content, More Traffic

The last surprising hidden benefit short-form content has offered to most writers is the quantity for both their content and traffic to their blog posts.

I once read a blog where a writer could write up to 10 articles in a day. In other words, short-form content will double up your productivity and results. Crazy!

Applying short-form methods to write content could also leverage beginners or newcomers who want to start a blog on Medium.

When you write more content, the chances for more traffic would likely occur. It is a general truth and rule most people follow as a newbie in everything they start.

So write as much short content as you can without looking up how many readers come to read your pieces. The traffic will eventually come as time goes by.


Although short-form content is amazing, long-form content still lives up to its name. On some occasions, there is information that needs to get explained in detail, ultimately making long-form a better choice than the short one.

However, short-form content could be a standard for producing a simpler, shorter, and greater article in the future because of how crowded the information is on the internet. Therefore, the benefits of this form of content could deliver much more results and save more time compared to a long one.



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