3 Super Rare Qualities You Need To Have As A Writer In The Age of AI

People are becoming skeptical of writers

Zidni Ilman
4 min readJan 5, 2024
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The use of Artificial Intelligence is getting overused day by day. We all know AI has been a big help in our everyday life. However, that’s where the problem also coming from.

Almost everything can be replaced with AI, from written text, images, design graphics to sound. People are getting uncertain whether the work we do as writers is purely from our hard work.

The same goes for graphic designers who probably or undoubtedly have the most trust issues with their future job. Since AI now can generate a design in just a blink of an eye just from the written prompt the user wrote.

I believe a writer also has the same issue about their future job.

I’ve used ChatGPT and I can say it’s terrifying. Whenever I asked ChatGPT to write me an article or did a better version of my article, it felt like I needed to rethink my life to write a blog post.

But that’s it. “that’s it” I say.

If everyone is getting hesitant about the work we do, why don’t we just write like we want to write whatever we want? Like you don’t care about the uniformity of the vocabulary you use or how formal or structured you write things.

You forget that all and start just what you have in mind. Just write things down.

Here are 3 qualities that I believe will make people trust you as a writer in the age of AI.


Do you know what people value the most besides excellent skills? It’s honesty. Being sincere about everything you do and not making things up.

Honesty is a rare commodity in every part of the world. It’s hard to find someone with such traits and integrity. Once people get your trust, I can assure no matter how bad you are, they will still believe in you and put high hopes in you.

What I mean by how bad are, not you doing something bad and they like “Oh I will forgive you”.

It’s like you made a mistake and you know you weren’t intentional with it and they know you will fix it and take notes to progress from it or never repeat it again.

That’s what I’m trying to do now. I know my writing isn’t exceptional and attractive and structured well, but I’m trying to show you that my work is purely from my mind and the vocabulary I wrote is coming directly from my limited memorization (that is the reason my writing feels straightforward, which is something I’ll improve shortly).

You can see the difference between people who use the help of Artificial intelligence to do their work and those who don’t.

Also, ChatGPT is too monotonous and boring. It feels like the writing is not from humans. It’s just too good to be true.

Use Your Unique Voice To Write

Every writer has a distinct unique voice to write. Voice is a writing style that makes you why you are the writer and not someone else. If you follow the writing world quite often, I think you’ll understand what a voice means.

For example, if you read a book written by James Clear and another one written by Ryan Holiday, you’ll know that they both have distinguished writing styles. I knew it since I had read both books written by them.

This is also what separates a great writer and a bad writer. Great writers implement their thinking in their works. So the final products you’re seeing are the ones truly made by them.

If you’re an avid reader, I bet you can quickly catch writers who wrote their work totally with AI.

Trust me, I tried AI to rewrite every article I’ve made, but I just don’t feel right. It is something that is not genuinely written from your heart.

Try to develop your writing voice and make the readers believe, think, and say “Hell no AI write a blog or a sentence like this”.

Not Afraid of Mistakes

Although writers must guarantee their work from errors such as typos or misspellings, I think AI has made us all aware that if something is perfect, then it’s not human-made.

The other way around, I think if there is a slightest mistake in our writing, then it’s believable that the work coming from a human.

This one last idea from me does not have to be blindly accepted. I mean you can let mistakes happen sometimes, but don’t do it often. It shows that we all never get away from mistakes and it can happen too.

If you keep using the use of AI to work, then congratulations, you’re perfect in every way. I just want to let you know that if you keep on using it and relying on it, people can start to grow their suspicions over you.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes since it verifies that you are human and the work you do is human-made.


If you want to reach and catch the reader’s heart, then don’t use AI to write it out for you. Use a heart to get a heart. Use whatever you have in mind and whatever vocabulary you have in your brain to write your thoughts.

Be genuine if you want to share something genuine. Don’t let the soulless machine dictate the way you write and the purpose of your writing. You’re the only person who has absolute authority over your creative mind.

AI may have been helping you in many areas and increasing your productivity tenfold, but there is an exception to all of that, one of which is writing a blog.



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