3 Special Purposes To Make Your First Writing Published

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Right now you may feel overwhelmed with the never-ending ideas you have to create for your next content writing. I know how it feels and I will tell you that the problems that most writers think are they are too focused on thinking about the content ideas for their writing, rather than just write the content right away.

I will just be straightforward with you. Don’t take a long time to think about what kinds of content you want to deliver to the audience. Limit your ideas for just about three or two when you just already started your writing. This would help you even greater to produce the content and not just sit all day and do nothing.

These are 3 special purposes that will be going to make you hit the “publish” button for your first writing rather than have to keep it in the draft.

#1. Show People About The Life Experience

Life experience has always been a top priority for every writer’s content creation, especially from successful people. When you tell a success story of a successful person, like the journey, struggles, until how they had made it to the top, readers would find it more attractive and most likely will engage with a problematic experience of the story emotionally.

Try to tell your personal stories, which revolve around your struggles and how you overcame them, but make sure you’re not giving false information. Give a valid success story of yours and real-life experience sequences that are going to provoke your readers to read your writing more.

#2. Sharing Knowledge

This may be the only reason many writers do their writing. They want to provide knowledge about the expertise they had to everyone who might didn’t have the same knowledge as the writers. For some writers, giving out knowledge to people out there makes you a person with high value and nobility.

Being able to create an impact with the knowledge you share with those who don’t have the same privilege, implying that the writers are completely incredible and have a meaningful purpose in their life.

#3. Inspire Other People

The writings you have worked on might give inspiration and encouragement to other people who before feel lost in their way. You might wake up some frustrated or depressed people who accidentally read your posts or article about “not giving up too quickly” on some social media and any writing platform you had written.

You may give inspirations on how people should have built their business on the first try without also experiencing the struggles to do so. You probably encourage a person to write their first novel and publish it to the local publishers. Whatever you do with your writing, you give a massive insight and influence them to start doing it.


We writers are faced with the same problem, afraid of telling our ideas to the public. We were scared it might turn out badly and left us with unhappy feelings with the possibility of rejection by publishers and bitter criticism from the readers. While you feel anxious about the outcome, try to rethink what is your purpose to write? This will reinforce how you are going to publish your first writing again.



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