3 Silly Hacks To Get You Writing Everyday

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Don’t you know that writing can be more fun and easy to do every day in some unexpected way?

Wouldn’t you want to know how you could do it?

If your answer is yes, then you are already one step ahead in finding the right approach to simplify your works and become more productive than most of the writers who didn’t move in the same courses.

Without much blubbering, these are the 3 silly hacks you could use to make you write every day.

Copy and Experiment, not Copy and Paste

Copy and experiment is my method to grab my conscious mind to write daily. What I meant by copy and experiment is that you copy the general or major ideas of someone else’s articles or writings as your next work. Experimenting, on the other hand, is what you do in the process to make the general or major idea assimilated with different ideas or notions you have in your mind.

It sounds like you are stealing other people’s works, but no it’s not. You just steal and copy their main concept.

For example, I wrote this article about silly hacks because before I wrote this, I had read an article about “writing hacks” of other people. And then, I just try to incorporate the ideas I have in mind with this “hacks” idea from someone else’s article. The result is a different article, an experiment of writing.

People are easily misunderstood by the absurd judgment of how one’s work must be original. That is an inaccurate statement. Art has always been the result of copying and modifying (or even stolen) the work of others.

Rather than modifying, I deliver a new and fresh viewpoint, that is “experimenting”. The word “experiment” doesn’t always have to be associated with scientists all the time. We (including you) writers also have the right to say our writing is an experiment, don’t we?

Play with Words

As someone who isn’t a linguist, we aren’t that good with words, right?

Lack of creativity and the limited amount of vocabulary we store in the brain are sufficient enough to stop you from writing at any time at the present moment.

I’m suggesting that, if you are stuck writing your next work, play with words you’ve just found out or newly discovered. Seek and understand its meaning, then put it to good use in your article or writing. Playing with words has the same manner as experimenting.

It sparks your creative faculty and broadens your set amount of vocabulary, which of course, is going to be a big and useful investment in the future endeavor.

Don’t Force Yourself To Write According to The Plan

Sometimes what makes people quit is because they always insist on doing something according to the plan, but with limited ideas and vocabulary in mind. They force their brain to unexpectedly find the way out and solve the problems so they could stick with the plan.

A plan is just a grand design. Don’t ever get too attached or be dependable with it. The details are what you must be aware of. Details could be anything as long as it doesn’t derail from the plan or out of context.

For example, I wrote about 3 silly hacks to write every day, but I just know 2 ways when writing it, I thought I would change it into “2 silly hacks to write every day” and it means I’m not writing it according to my plan before and suddenly it flashes into my mind to write the third ways, which is what you seeing right now.

Make it as flexible as you can.

Final Conclusion

To recap, the first one is to copy and experiment. If another article, let’s say, tells “step-by-step’’ to write more in the morning, then you could also take the “step-by-step” process on how to do something which is the general or major idea you could copy as your next article or writing. The second is to play with words you just recently discovered and new to you. It could spark your interest to write your next work to be more intriguing. The third is not to force yourself to write based on the plan you have created before. By doing it, you would be more flexible at handling problems and solve your way to write every day at any moment.

I don’t care what people will think about my method of writing. Everyone, I suppose, has their own methodical way to get their things to work in some way. This is, like what I had said before, it may be silly, but it worked for me pretty well so far.



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