3 Life-Changing Decisions To Make Before You Start Paying For Online Courses

A decision that changes your overall course of actions in life

Zidni Ilman
5 min readJun 16, 2022
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With the rise of internet and social media presence, our digital activity has become horrendously increased. You can now see everyone almost bring and use their smartphone or laptop anywhere they’d go (even on the ocean).

Everything is digital. Everything is also virtual. So does with the modern learning method. Pandemic forces students or learners alike to adapt with the situation. Studying on the spot is no longer a requirement. And we are now much more interested in remote learning.

This phenomena has become an inspiration for some entrepreneurs to turn their conventional business into an online business. One of the business transformations you often find on the internet is about online courses.

Online course is a sensational discussion. It has become a hot commodity to sell digitally. A digital product where everyone now obsessively pursues and creates to gain a nice passive income or just another sweet side income.

A lot of benefits come from online courses. Access to a whole different class is now open to anyone who is willing to pay. There are a lot of genres or subjects you can follow and study.

You can follow a broad list of classes which offer unique learnings such as writing a novel book, painting, gardening, baking, programming, or even fishing.

Online courses also carve a pathway for everyone who wants a quick shift in their overall life and career.

For example if someone takes a course on SEO writing now and a month later he or she could’ve landed a SEO writing job that pays good enough. Or maybe someone wants to be more mindful and calm, they can take an online course on that too.

Of all the things I have said above, the one that truly becomes the attention is on how you choose to pay for an online course. Things to decide like knowing your financial capability or analyzing how it would make you one step closer to your goals before you take on an online course should be clarified first.

Here are 3 decisions you should have discussed and taken before you pay for any online course out there.

Assessing Your Financial Status

The first decision you must put in the top of your mind is never pay for online courses when you have no enough financial support or money to back-up your other bills.

Never take any kind of debt only for the sake of an online course. There are many free resources of knowledge or information you could get on the internet that have the same value as paid one.

Don’t also think of online courses as an investment when you really are broke. Knowledge is a long-term investment. Unless you could apply the knowledge fast and certain to get more cash out of it, you are welcome to pay for every online course out there.

Pay and follow online courses when you have analyzed your finances and made a crucial decision change in your career. Don’t get tantalized with advertisements saying that it will greatly change your life and income in weeks after taking the course. Be financially wise.

A Massive Impact On Your Life And Career

The second decision is about asking a question whether the online courses you take can really help you live the life and produce the ideal income you’ve dreamed all this time.

Think about the change that is about to happen in your life and career. Is it impactful? In your business? In your career? In your health? In your productivity? In your love relationship? And most of all is In your overall life?

What online courses have to offer should guarantee and cover most of the change you’ve aimed for. Can it fulfill your desire, goals, and any benefits you may get? If it’s not then you should reconsider paying for an online course and seek alternatives, such as learning a free one.

If an online course can guarantee and turn your overall life like you’ve always wanted, then pay for it, even if it costs you big money. Remember, look for a guarantee. The security for a radical change is needed so you wouldn’t waste your effort, money, and time.

The Right Guru Or Mentor For The Knowledge

The last one is to look for the right guru or mentor for an online course you are about to take on. Many self-proclaimed online course gurus or experts are spread so wildly on the internet.

If you’re not careful, you might get the false guru or mentor for the knowledge you are about to receive. And this could heavily impact your course of life and career if you are really learning from the false ones.

Do your research. Intense research of the mentor track-record is the best move every learner must perform before paying for an online course. Many have spoken out their regrets of paying an online course that didn’t pay back on their interests.

So make sure you are getting the right guru who can pay a great return of the results. Like any other investments, an online course is also an investment of knowledge in your future life.

Final Thoughts

A careful consideration when taking an online course that could switch the way you live an ideal life and work on your dream job or passion is a huge decision you can make as a learner.

Not only will it affect how you learn, it also creates a new course of a walk in your life. The dreams, the goals, the income, the relationships and all the things we desire so much for.

One wrong decision is having a potential to destroy and waste every walk of things in a life. A CEO or business owner with the wrong business decision could make a business collapse within a year, months, or even days.

The same could happen to you, if you don’t pay careful attention to your decision in taking an online course.



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