3 Clear and Straightforward Ways You Can Get More Clients To Work For You

You just need to be successful on your first client

Zidni Ilman
4 min readJan 3, 2024
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When I was still unemployed, I kept on signing up on whatever freelance websites were available out there. Once I signed up, I put in the work to make my profile clear and offered the service with a lovely and persuasive touch.

You can say that almost every time I set up my profile and services, it was more of a bluff. This is the problem with lots of beginner freelancers. They copy and paste most of their profile and services from one freelance account to another.

That kind of effort is useless since clients would see you as someone who needs a job just to fill in the leisure time or maybe someone who needs a job, but just doesn’t care about putting more effort into polishing the services.

You’re not creating this sense that I’m an expert and why you should choose me.

The other way around, you’re only giving the clients this image of “Oh, please can you choose me since I’m broke and I need the money and I can do whatever work you want me to do”.

I know I know that you want more clients to reach out to you. But is it the way?

Here are 3 ways you can draw more clients effortlessly and proven work.

Set Up A Low Rate and Offer The Clients More Projects with More Discounts

Who doesn’t like cheap things?

Of course, everyone loves it. Cheap and free. Two things that most people chase.

That is also the case for your future clients. If someone starts a business or a project but has a hard time managing the work because of their main job, they usually need to delegate the work.

This is where you shine. When they start from zero, they will need someone with low rates to work with. Since they are afraid to fail if they pay high, they seek someone with just “a” skill.

Losing a big chunk of money when the business hasn’t even started to give profit, could cause most people to fear moving forward or even trauma making another business.

You can win their heart if you say that you can get all the work done with fast and acceptable results. Plus if you offer them to do other projects and with more discount, the chance you will get a satisfying review is likely to happen, at least 4 star reviews.

When you get the reviews you can start to bid or pursue another project with confidence that you have proof and proven trustworthy at getting things done.

Remember the basics, everyone likes cheap things, so if you offer cheap, you’re likely to stand out from the crowd and get elected.

Do A Free Side Project Outside Your Freelance Work

This was a trick I repeatedly applied when bidding or reaching out to a project. I did blogging not just because I love writing, but because I have another big purpose, which is to become a freelance writer.

What would be a writer without a writing portfolio?

Imagine if you hire someone as your graphic designer but you have never seen any of his/her work. Do you believe that someone has the capabilities you’re looking for?

You will immediately dump him/her off.

Do more free side projects. Follow a free competition is good too. If you win you will get more credibility over your skills. Write an article or create those designs on every famous platform you know.

If you’d like to showcase your writing more, Medium is the way. If you are into graphic design, Behance is the way.

Ask The Clients’ Feedback About Your Work and Ask If You Can Help Them On More Projects.

Asking clients for their feedback after you’ve completed the work will make them think that you’re the type of person who is open to constructive criticism. It means you are also willing to improve your work for future projects.

After you ask clients for feedback, you can then continue to ask for more projects to work on. This will make them think that you’re sincere in helping them with their business or projects.

If you want them to give you excellent 5-star service reviews, you could offer a discount for how many projects to work on in a single deadline. Not only it will give you more money, but it also ensures the service reviews given are top-notch.


Freelancing is a tough and long journey to begin with. You can’t just get lots of clients in a single bidding or offering. You have to go through the bitter. Waiting is mostly what you will face when you start and set yourself as a novice freelancer.

It is boring and tiring to wait for the unseen and unpredicted when you begin your freelance career. However, if you keep on putting in the work to polish your profile and services, and do all the three things I’ve told you before, whenever you get your first client, it is a clear sign that you’ll get more clients to work for you in the future.



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