2024 Is The Year To Start Your Creative Endeavor or Freelance Career

The only thing that separates you from your work is your willingness to fail and try again without looking back

Zidni Ilman
3 min readJan 2, 2024
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I used to think that I could never get a remote working job. Never imagined I would get excellent payment and at the same time, live a good life at home. The thing is, at that time I never really had a standout skill to offer to people.

To get money you need to give values. Values can be everything. Ranging from services to products. Looking back, I had none at all.

Every day I thought to myself, damn man, how can you get money or work or a freelance career if you don’t have anything special. That kind of mindset is dangerous. It is holding you back from progressing.

I kept on planning, planning, and planning, but never did any actions to make it happen. After when I truly needed the money to support my family and consider my future, I decided to begin to write on Medium.

I’ve decided to become a freelance writer since writing is the least skill I could at least do for someone.

My first article sucks. My second, third, fourth, and even today, they were all suck. None of them were near Vox, Atlanta, Time, or New York Times articles that were written by experts.

Articles that I’ve been published also nowhere near the work of James Clear, Mark Manson, or even Ali Abdaal. Yet I kept on writing. Yet I kept on thriving. Never looked back after I published my first article.

Your creative endeavor will lead you to the value itself

Many people think that you need an expertise in everything you do. While it’s true you need the expertise to do certain things, most people would forget and think that the experts were born naturally experts.

No, they weren’t.

No one is born an expert. It all starts from zero. As a beginner and rise from below to the top. Every creative endeavor you do will eventually lead somewhere. Even when you’re not proficient at first. Even when you don’t know where the endeavors will lead you.

Articles that I keep published every day on Medium, get me those freelance writing jobs I would never have expected will come. And those freelance writing jobs I always did for my client, led me to a job with good pay and steady income per month.

Now I work as an Amazon product sourcer for a US private company whose work is to compile cheaper products outside of Amazon so that our clients can sell them again on Amazon to get high profit and return on investment (ROI).

Just because you don’t have that specific ability to offer, doesn’t mean you’re not worthy of doing it. You’re what you do if you put in the work and effort.


2024 has come and 2023 has left us all. Time is running out of time if you keep on planning. Do the minimal outline and execute the plan immediately.

Keep away your imposter syndrome mentality so you can keep moving forward and achieve the creative or freelance work you’ve always dreamed of. Start small. Start somewhere.

Use the minimum resources around you. Don’t think if you have a Macbook or high-end laptop you can do the work much better or you can achieve more, it is not at all. You need to be comfortable with even the lowest specs of the laptop to do the work.

This is the year. This is your time.



Zidni Ilman

Hello, I'm Zidni and I work as an Amazon product sourcer for a US private company.