2 Ridiculously Simple Ways to Stop Worrying About Your Writing

And how you can overcome your worry

Zidni Ilman
3 min readApr 30, 2022
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Writers have always felt their writing was never worth it.

Excessively worrying about how your writing should be is going to take you nowhere. Writing should be a fun activity, it’s never meant to frighten you or any other writer.

I know, in reality, writing is hard and complicated to execute. Besides that, to truly have a great time with a writing activity, someone must’ve been deeply passionate or have more than 10000 hours of time put in the work.

Most people avoid writing and the tradition goes on and on. We were never taught to practice writing regularly from our childhood. For instance, I just started writing after I graduated from college.

So when it comes to writing, our subconscious mind instantly tells us to turn off the activity.

I get it. You are afraid to write something, right? Many reasons, but mostly because you worry it wouldn’t meet someone else or the reader’s good writing criteria.

These are 2 ridiculously simple ways you can apply that can help you stop worrying about how your writing would end up.

Make Your Story Simple

I think most writers get overwhelmed with their own writing because they choose to provide their readers with a long story. This doesn’t mean I despise long stories, I love long stories, but the problem is long stories need good articulation to organize.

You need the experience and the ability to form a long story since you have to get every piece of information in order so it could get easier to read. In reality, most people wouldn’t be able to do so.

With a simple story, you have everything as tight as possible. You don’t worry much about the redundant words or any grammatical errors that could possibly happen when writing a long story.

A simple story also makes your writing to the point. Writing a simple story gives you more control of the overall outcome.

You can see what is wrong, what information needs to be added or removed, and what needs to be edited along the process. When you get everything in control, your writing will feel less dreadful.

Another reason why some readers prefer to read a short story over a long one is that simple writing saves more readers time, thus helping them do other tasks effectively and efficiently.

Treat Your Writing Like A Video Game

So how do you treat writing like a video game?

For me, it’s all about how you view things differently. You need to stop taking your writing seriously. Whenever I try to write with a seriousness I end up not accomplishing anything because my mind automatically forces me to be good at it.

No matter how inexperienced you are, if you are serious, it makes you feel you have to be an expert when in reality you are not. This way of thinking will cripple your writing process in the latter.

Your mind tells you to be good, but your knowledge can’t keep up with it. In the end, you become worried too much.

The way I treat my writing like a video game is I usually do something new and progressive each day. I always try to come up with a new idea with a different perspective. I mostly mix things up to make it more interesting.

For example, today I will write about writing, tomorrow about happiness, and the day after tomorrow about how to get happy with writing every day.

Another way is I usually apply new words to my writings. The best way to incorporate new words into your writing is by learning them with a phrase example.

Looking at phrases is the best way to learn new words and at the same time put them into your new story. Make sure you have new words to learn every day until you become one with them.

Create a level and system for progressing your writing ability. This method will eventually release your worry or afraid of being incompetent.



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