2 Definitive Components To Make You Stand Out As A Beginner Writer

The reasons why so many new writers dominate the top writer position on Medium

Zidni Ilman
5 min readJun 15, 2022
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Have you come across an article on Medium that had a high number of views, claps, and comments?

Ever wonder why an article pops up on your Medium feed out of nowhere?

What do you think when you open that successful article it turns out that the writers just started out new?

How can they even dominate the top position writers as a newcomer on Medium?

To answer all of those questions, I’ve learned some of their tricks on attracting huge traffic to their articles.

I was shocked to find out that the tricks they have used are not just mere tricks, but it has been established as a definitive component. A component which gave them six-figures income and converted readers of their article into loyal, avid followers.

Actually the components they apply inside their articles are simpler than we thought. No fancy or hidden formula needed. Just strong fundamentals. A fundamental that is responsible for evoking the reader’s emotion in clicking their articles.

Rock-solid fundamental that only consists of 2 definitive components. These two components could help you and me and all other beginner writers, an amateur, to stand out and gain readers, claps, and comments.

Here are the 2 components that will help your article to be read, clap, and comment by your viewers.

Eye-Catching and Provocative Headline

I’m not going to lie. I mostly read articles on Medium based on their headlines. Almost 80 percent of the articles I’ve clicked that fully caught my attention are the one using provocative headlines.

Occasionally, I will open an article with a much simpler headline. However, that alone happened when it showed up on my Medium feed all of a sudden. If an article with a simpler headline didn’t show up on my feed, I won’t bother to open it, or read it.

Using and applying a headline that could catch people’s attention in the blink of an eye and captivate the reader’s emotion splendidly is a must-have skill for every writer. We are attracted to beautiful things, sceneries, and stories. The same goes for writing too.

An amazing headline is everything. It is the first impression you offer to your audience. Although there’s a saying that “don’t judge the book by the cover”, most people are still likely to buy a book with an impressive title anyway. It goes the same way when people try to read an article.

How top writers and new writers sit at the top of the number one writer is because they harness the power of a headline to its full potential. There’s a reason a headline or a title is put first before other writing components. It exists to make people wonder and eventually click or read on the information.

So how can we as a beginner writer create an eye-catching and provocative headline? The answer of how to do it is by learning the power words. Power words are used to trigger people’s emotions. Emotions play a big role in deciding someone’s course of actions.

That’s why you often hear in business contexts people buy not because the product is great, but because their emotion is attached within the product. It’s because the seller or marketer knows exactly how to advertise their products which resonate well with the customer’s desires.

So from now on, learn about power words and try to incorporate them into your headlines, subheadlines, or even inside of your content. Remember that your headline is your best shot to gain massive traffic or at least a couple of readers and followers.

Here are a few examples of what power words looks like:

  • Life-changing
  • Revolutionary
  • Incredible
  • Jaw-dropping
  • Brilliant
  • Instantly
  • Supercharge

And many other more you can see on the internet. Use the internet as your learning tools. Don’t stop experimenting with each power word that you think could give potential traffic for your blog or your writing.

A Content That Has Unique Selling Proposition

One thing that I learned that totally changed how I approach my writings in this saturated market is that you must be totally different from another writer.

Be original, be unique. That’s it.

To stand out and strive with other writers you need to learn how to be unique and original. Nowadays, you can read all writers writing and offering the same thing over and over. Nothing fresh and new.

For me, a newbie writer must bring something new to the table to compete with other writers or even to dominate top writers positions. There’s a wonderful quote I found on the internet saying that:

“It’s better to be unique than the best, because being the best makes you number one, but being unique makes you the only one.”

Since everyone can be better and the best in their field, but to be unique is just another level of work and practice.

That quote resonates well with what I’ve been thinking all the time. I can become a better writer, or maybe the best someday, but does it make me stand out among others? I mean, I can learn grammar everyday, take and apply all the best writing advice out there, and write 24 hours a day.

But without something exceptional to offer, can I still stand out?

It’s why you are always stuck on the same problem. Maybe you have nothing fresh to offer (maybe I’m too). Maybe that’s the reason a new writer stops at their 6 months or 1 year of trying.

You must have a unique selling proposition. What does that mean? It is actually a term from a business context on how to sell a product or service by offering its unique advantage on the same industry so that a business could reach more customers and achieve more profits.

But in this article context, it means you need to treat your writing as a product or a service you want to sell. A product or a service which is embedded with an incredible and a rare feature where no product can’t produce or imitate.

That’s how you treat your writing from now on. A product to sell. An image to build. A brand to establish. All by giving a unique and a fresh perspective on your content.

Your anti-mainstream content is the ultimate commodity you have in your arsenal to become the only one in the crowd. That one man or woman that the audience was looking for when they were too bored of other writers.

So don’t get confused why some of those new writers can gain a million views or a thousand or hundreds of followers in just a couple of days after pushing the publish button.

Final Thoughts

A beginner writer focuses too much of their writing on details, whereas the fundamentals are what actually establish great writing. The strong fundamentals are responsible for many things that could help you stand out from other writers.

Start learning and use powerful words so you could provoke people to read your article. Propose a unique take on your content so that people could keep coming to your blog and giving the claps and comments.

All those for the aim of one thing, to stand out and make you dominate other writers, although you are just a beginner.



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